"Baby," Harry whispers, thrusting his cock in and out of Louis’ stretched hole. "Baby, c’mon look at me."

Louis looks up at Harry, and the fact that Harry looks so wrecked, even though he’s the one fucking Louis, has Louis’ breath catching in his throat, and his pleasure finally coming to the…


Anonymous asked:

Hi can you give me a alpha (harry) omega (Louis) and louis is in heat but please give me multiple stories like this

onefucktion answered:

There Is No Fear Now, Let Go And Just Be Free 

Louis is an omega and dates Harry, who they think is a beta, but he turns out to be an alpha. They accidentally soul bond and Louis ends up pregnant.

Little Omega 

Based off this prompt: Okay so what I really want is omega!louis in heat and alpha!harry fucking him through it but I want Louis to be sixteen and I want him to get pregnant and I want it long and smutty but also romantic and domestic at the same time and ugh am I making too many demands?

Baby Don’t Stop Now 

Model!Omega!Louis & Popstar!Alpha!Harry

- amy